Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Launch of Diadem's Light Website

I want to show you my friend Sue's website. She lives in Dublin and luckily we do get to meet up now and again. I won't tell you any more about her as you can read about her on her site. I developed this site for her from a free template.


Sinta said...

That's a nice looking website :) I like the soft colour tones, very pleasing. You have a great blog here yourself ^_^ Might stumble upon here more often ;)

Kiamyka said...

Thanks Sinta
Call in whenever you like :-) I think I already have you listed from the Blogroll on UK Handmade
x chris

Diadem said...

I am absolutely so chuffed about the site, its is so beautiful. I cannot thank you enough Chris cos as you know (ahem) I am really dim when it comes to computer stuff and you made it all so easy for me, thank gawd for your patient soul xx. Everyone who has seen it has said how peaceful it is, exactly as I wished it to be.

Love you lots