Thursday, 24 February 2011

Uh Oh I have confused things for you

Let me just make things clear - my new studio is NOT where I posted the last pictures - that is where I am going to be Artist in Residence for 2 weeks in April
This means that I get to stay there and work from within the Summerhouse for the 2 week period

I will be giving more specific details soon I promise and I have had some lovely Invitations printed which will be sent out to all those people whose land address I have -if you want the invite then email me your land address please

Next week I will take photos of my new Studio (which is nothing like this place)
I am looking forward to meeting up again with John McIntyre who's going to come and see me as part of a project he's doing for his degree work - all good fun !

Another sneak preview..

So here is another preview of where I will be Artist in Residence - the shot was taken before Christmas from within the Summer House where I will be working . Isn't that just a beautiful residence!
This is the view as you walk up the drive

and here's the Summerhouse from the drive

am I excited? Answers on a postcard please :)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mad Sale

I am still busy sorting out the new Studio - it's way too messy to show you photos  of yet but one thing I can do is offer you a bargain! 30% off all necklaces on the website  until the end of February!
Below is a sneak preview of where I will be ensconced  in April as Artist in Residence - the photo was taken before Christmas and they were using the Summer House to make Christmas garlands

Thursday, 10 February 2011

A new twist on things

How about this then? I hand painted this silk scarf and added the beady detail - it closes with a magnetic clasp making it more versatile to wear. More to follow just as soon as I am settled in my new Studio